10 Reasons Why Cats are Easier to Care For Than Dogs


If you have made your mind to owning a pet, but are not sure whether to get a cat or a dog, there are few things you need to take into consideration first. Sharing your home with any animal is a great responsibility. With this said, if you lead a very busy life and do not think you’d be able to give a canine companion all the exercise and attention they need to stay happy and healthy, then maybe you’d be better off offering a loving home to a pussy cat.

Generally, dog persons are reputed to be outgoing, dynamic, and gregarious people, while most cat people are seen to be quiet, gentle, sometimes retiring and aloof. But it’s not always the case. People may surprise you about the choice of their pets which seems the opposite of their own personality. Some people love both dogs and cats and own these pets. You may be surprised that some dogs and cats are cohabiting peacefully under one roof.

Here are 10 reasons why cats are better than dogs.

1. Cats clean themselves

Cats are clean creatures and essentially clean themselves. While it is important to brush your cat regularly and clip her nails as well, they can manage mostly themselves in cleaning their fur and paws. Aside from grooming to keep clean, felines also groom themselves to regulate body temperature and distribute their natural skin oils. If they are embarrassed, anxious or stressed, they also tend to groom as a way of calming themselves.

Dogs are the complete opposite. They love to roll in dirt and mud and it is up to you to bathe and groom them.

2. Cats tend to live longer than dogs

Domestic cats live from 10 to 15 years on average while dogs only live from eight to 11 years. However, many factors contribute to a cat and dog’s lifespan including breeding and genetics, the amount of veterinary and health care received, exercise, nutrition
mental stimulation and emotional connection as well as environmental factors.

3. Having a cat is good for your health

Dogs may brighten your day because of their frisky and playful nature but cats have been proved to improve your health in many ways. It lowers your risk of heart disease as a cat lowers your stress levels. Cats reduce stress and anxiety. They may even know when you are sad and become extra affectionate when you’re feeling down. You sleep better with a cat. Having a cat can protect your children from a pet allergy. According to the National Institutes of Health, children are less likely to develop allergies if they were exposed to a cat early in their life.

4. You don’t have to walk them

Cats can be indoor or outdoor and there is no need for walks.
Whenever dogs need to relieve themselves, you have to take them outside. Yes, you can train them to need this only at certain hours of the day, but still, it’s a pain. Cats will just tend to a litter box on their own volition. A cat and its owner mostly stay out of each other’s bathroom business—and that’s truly one of the sweetest reasons why cats are better than dogs.

5. They don’t need much space

Cats can happily live with you in a studio apartment and never want more. Even keeping a single dog needs a lot more space.

6. They are really good mothers

Not only do mother cats nurse their kittens, but they also teach them to use the litter box, how to sharpen claws and whatnot. For dogs, this responsibility is upon the owners to teach puppies things. Not everybody might be able to afford the training assets, grooming tools, and professional help needed for dogs.

7. Cats do not escape and even if they do, it is not a problem

You can have your cat be an indoor cat and then you don’t have to worry about it running away. Dogs have to go outside and so it is more likely for them to run away.

8. They’re not as smelly as dogs

If you want to conjure some instant revulsion, just think of the words “wet” and “dog.” You know exactly what odious scent I’m talking about, and you know just as well that few things offend the olfactory nerves as much as a the aroma of a damp dog. Cats don’t ever reek like that.

9. Cats are natural hunters

Cats have it in their DNA to stalk and hunt prey wherever they see one. This is one of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a cat owner. Your cat’s scent alone has the power to keep away any rodents from your home.

10. Cats keep your home free from rodents and pests

They are famous for being mouse catchers and their scent alone can keep rats away. However, this may not apply to all cats because some may just play with rats while some cats are afraid of them. It all boils down to a cat’s unique personality.

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